B Litter

Mia x Floyd

We are looking forward to raising puppies from this litter. Floyd spent over 3 weeks living with us and the more time he spent with us, the more we wanted a puppy from him!  His temperament is excellent.  He is a sweet easy-going dog and it is our opinion that his structure nicely complements Mia’s.

7 healthy puppies were born on March 9, 2016. The five males are black with red markings and the 2 females are stag reds.

Health Testing

Both sire and dam have had the following health clearances: eyes, hips, heart, thyroid and VWD.

The dam's health test results can be found here: OFA results for Querida Mia

The stud's health testing results can be found here: OFA results for Floyd


B litter at 5 weeks:

B Litter, 6.5 weeks

B Litter, 7.5 weeks

Additional photos of B-litter after 8 weeks: