Von der Wolken German Pinschers is committed to breeding German pinschers of sound structure, movement and temperament. Parents of our pups have passed all recommended health tests.

Potential puppy buyers are screened carefully as we want to do as much as possible to ensure our pups lead healthy, happy lives. German pinschers can be extremely intelligent, willful and stubborn dogs. They are not for everybody.

German pinschers require obedience training.  We suggest all owners, no matter how experienced, take their new German pinschers to group puppy and obedience classes to further socialize the dog and to allow bonding between the owner and pup.

Our pups are temperament tested at 7 weeks and graded for conformation at 8 weeks. Afterwards the decision of which puppy is the best match for which prospective owner is made.

We raise all of our dogs on a raw diet. We use both homemade raw and commercial raw. It is our belief that dogs are healthier and happier on a raw diet. Furthermore, homemade raw diets are much more economical than premium dog food. Our puppies are weaned onto a raw diet and it is our hope that they will continue that diet for life.

Pet puppies will be sold with limited registration on spay/neuter contracts. (If you plan to compete in performance events with your pet puppy, please notify us.)

All pups come with a health guarantee.

We will always take back any puppy that we have bred. We are always available if you have any questions or concerns about your von der Wolken puppy.

We offer rebates for any AKC title that you put on your von der Wolken puppy. Contact us for details.